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My story

It was until later in life that I understood why I became the type of doctor that I am. I had to go through burn-out to finally give myself permission to take care of myself and look back at what happened. The system that I knew had failed me time and time again. As a young girl, I was wrongly diagnosed by multiple doctors, and as I developed signs of depression, none of my employers lifted a finger to help me. In them, I saw the type of doctor that I didn't want to become.

I realised quite early in my training years that, more often than not, prescribing a pill wouldn't fix my patient's problem. Women wanted to be heard, to be seen, to be taken seriously when presenting with symptoms that many physicians treated superficially for years, with little to no success. I saw ME in my patients and that is why, I now understand, my approach is so different: I am taking care of my clients and patients like I would want others to take care of ME.

Integrating psychosomatic and alternative medicine into gynaecology & obstetrics made all the difference for my patients and, in turn, also helped me with my own health issues. Healing body, mind and soul is truly my calling and I am honoured to serve the way I can!



german board-certified


- over 10 years of medical experience in women's health and meducation (medical education)
- over 3 years of telemedicine experience ( 10.000 + online patients)
- 2 x international awards for her charity work in Romania

mental health

Psychosomatic counselor

- certification since 2016
- psychological interventions in cases of: anxiety disorders, posttraumatic experiences, burn-out, cancer diagnosis, postnatal maladaptation;
- grief counselor (including pregnancy loss)

course creator

9MG, Femindipity, StopNgo

9 month glow - a holistic programme that assists women/couples throughout their pregnancy;

Femindipity & StopNgo - mindfulness programmes helping women reconnect with their feminine spirit & body

alternative therapies

NLP, Theta-Healing, Hypnosis

- 3 miraculous methods to gain access to the subconscious mind;

- transformational coaching;

- create a positive mindset;

- relatively fast results;

alternative medicine

Essential oils & supliments

- natural solutions for emotional and physical challenges;
- personalised recommendations for individual needs;
- conscious living

fiction & non-fiction


- international journalist

- best-selling author (self-help)

- author coach & publisher

- YA fantasy writer




Interviews & Articles